What Are Driving Impairments?

Driving impairments are the actions and conditions that prevent drivers from driving safely. This in-turn exposes them and fellow motorist to the risk of all kinds of road related accidents. It is possible for a driver to control some forms of impairments for example by avoiding the actions that lead to the said impairments. In some cases, however, some conditions may be beyond anything a driver can do to prevent them. Discussed below are some common causes of driving impairments.
1. Alcohol
This has to be the most common cause of driving impairment. Alcohol inhibits vision, balance, and reaction time and these three are very important when driving. Given that different people will react to alcohol differently a certain percentage is allowed beyond which a driver is considered unfit to operate a vehicle. Most countries put the allowable alcohol percentage in the blood at between 0.08 and 1 percent.
2. Drugs
Just like alcohol, drugs of any kind whether legal or illegal can affect the normal functioning of the body and this may prevent a driver from acting logically. Drug use is often overlooked as a major cause of driving impairment especially where the said drugs are legal. Most people actually never read through the side effects and when they do, driving impairment is never considered as a serious side effect.
If you are on any drugs, it’s important to check the side effects of the drugs you are taking. If it is indicated that the drug can lead to driving impairments, then you are better of keeping off driving for as long as you are on this medication. This works to guarantee your own safety and the safety of other motorists as well.
3. Fatigue
Fatigue is also known to lead to driving impairments especially where commercial drivers are concerned. While most of a commercial drivers job involves being on the road for a considerable amount of their time, a break is necessary. Getting a break and some rest will ensure that such drivers are more alert when they get back on the road.
4. Obstructive view
This is caused by anything that obstructs the view of the driver. Common culprits include items in the vehicle that are placed against the windows or a frosted over windshield. Any form of obstruction of the drivers view is considered illegal and law enforcement officers are quick to deal with such situations and ensure that safety on the road is restored.
5. Distraction

Distraction is a broad word that encompasses many actions. Some of the most common distractions when driving include mobile phone use, eating and grooming. These actions should be avoided while driving at all costs. While the laws differ in different areas and in different parts of the world, the use of cellphone is considered illegal in most jurisdictions. In some areas, however, only the use of handheld devices is prohibited and the drivers are allowed to make use of hands-free devices.
There are other driving impairments that come with age among many other factors. Whatever the cause, drivers should always consider their ability to perform adequately before they can get behind the wheel, if not for their safety, for the safety of all road users. www.everythingmotoring.com is great source for all motoring related issues and news and has a great blog. Be sure to visit when you have time.